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Roll on Summer School!

It’s that time of year again- whispered rumours of sunshine in the forecast, optimistic T-shirt wearers in the high street… and for a language school such as Peartree, the excited anticipation of another summer school!

It’s difficult to believe that a year has passed since Summer School 2012 and all the great memories that it brought, but here we are again, readying ourselves for all that July and August might bring. So what exactly is it that goes into making this special time of year special? Is there a secret ingredient that must be added to the recipe of lessons, activities and excursions?

From the teacher’s perspective, I suppose that adaptability is the crucial factor. Things can change at a speed that may otherwise be considered alarming at times and the teacher’s skill at dealing successfully with class changes and sudden influxes of new students into their lessons is all the more vital during this busy period.

The teacher may also be well-advised to be extra-vigilant over maintaining the quality and standard of their teaching at this time, as, for various reasons, the atmosphere of the summer school is often quite different from that of other times of year and a certain ‘holiday’ ambience permeates much of the proceedings. With careful planning and genuine getting-to-know of one’s students however, the teacher can turn this into an advantage and go on to deliver the kind of lessons that will still be talked over at the next staff Christmas party.

The teacher, and all members of staff, will likely be doing things that are entirely familiar most of the time, but at a pace that may not be. It is an approach which may be more akin to a transition to a higher state of functioning than anything else. In this case, it might be suggested that the features of a successful summer school are simply those that have been honed and perfected over the past ten months.

Whatever you are hoping to achieve at your school this summer, the best of luck to you, and I look forward to hearing all your news at half-time (end of July)!

Tristan Francis

Director of Studies